Sunday, March 27, 2011


Katelyn Carey Gillette
Born: March 26, 2011
9:39 pm
7 lbs 8.1 oz
20 1/2"

We love our dear little daughter. Here are some pictures of our precious angel.

There will be more to come. We are so excited to have such a beautiful life join our family!

Friday, March 18, 2011

New things

We have had a pretty exciting week, well kinda. We have gotten a couple of new things this week. My grandma gave us a basket that she used when all of her children were born and also my mom used when I was born. We repainted it a light brown color and then I made a cute pink liner and cover than goes over the foam pad.

Our stroller finally came yesterday. Andy had to go to work so I put it together and started to play with it. We love it and we got a pretty good deal on it too! The car seat and base pretty much take up our entire back seat. Well not really but when the car seat is in probably on Maddie or Mckay could ride in the back seat with her.

About a week ago Andy let me get a new sewing machine with some of our tax return money. I had previously been sewing on my mom's old singer machine. It was a great machine but it was just SO LOUD, I bet our neighbors could hear it. The new machine that I got in a Brother Cs-6000i computerized machine. I love it. It is really quiet and has way too many pre-programmed stitches to even dream of using. I sewed the basket liner with it and made the scalloped handle holes with one of the pre-programmed stitches. It is a great little machine that is going to hopefully last for a long time.

On Tuesday, we went to the doctors. Everything is still going really well. I was dilated to a 2 at that point and 80% effaced. Our baby's head is really far down in my pelvis. My doctor thinks that she will probably come this weekend and if she doesn't by Tuesday then he will induce me. So it could be anytime now, which is really exciting and kinda scary at the same time.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Floral Bridal Show

Yesterday (Saturday) was my department's big floral open house. Its kinda like our recital of the semester, so that people can see what we can accomplish and to see what we have learned. Each one of our classes required us to contribute something different to display for the show. The main part of the show is the wedding lines that we do. We are each required to work together as teams to put together a wedding room. Each one has a different theme that corresponds with the main theme of the show. Since I am a senior in the program I wasn't too involved with that part I was more of a mentor to my group. The projects that I contributed were two competition pieces that we evaluated and graded by AIFD members, an interpretive piece of a piece of art that inspires me, a bridal bouquet and a part of a group senior project. Here are some pictures that Andy took of the show.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Fun with the Camera

So this is Andy. Dana is usually the one to do this but I thought I would take a spin. Dana has been having so much fun with her classes and with changing as the baby comes that most of the blogs recently have showed what all happens with that. I love it all but just wanted to show a little of what I have been up to. We got a new camera for Christmas. A Canon T1i. LOVE IT! So in preparation for our little one to come I have been playing around with it learning how to use it and everything so that we can hopefully get some good pictures of her since that is all Conner will ever see of her at this stage in her life. We had a clear day last week and I went up to the temple to shoot some pictures and try some things have I have learned about. Here is what I got...

This picture and the next one are using the same pictures, I just changed them a little to give the different effects. I think they both ended up pretty good.

This is how I spend my free time. We can't wait to have our little girl so that these will all be pictures of her!