Monday, May 14, 2012

Boise Zoo

What a beautiful day for the Zoo! Today has been a wonderful and sunny day, perfect weather to get outside and explore. That's just what Katelyn did today at the Boise Zoo. It is not a very big zoo. All the parking out front is 2 hour only parking, and we now know why. That is about as long as it takes to get through the whole thing and not miss a single animal. But lucky for us, we spent almost 4 hours there!!! It has been a goal of Dana's to feed a giraffe. (for those that don't know, Dana has a giraffe obsession) Looking online the feeding time was to be from 10:15 to 11:30. So the smart people we are we get there at 10ish to make sure we can do it. Upon entering the park, we find the time has been moved to 1:30. I think we ended up wandering the park about 2 times before 1:30 came around. But Dana can now mark that off her list, and so can Katelyn. She is only 13 1/2 months and she has already fed a giraffe and a goat! Off to a great start. It was an altogether fun day though and we are glad we went. 

It all happens so fast it's over before you know it.

I don't think she realized what has happening til her hand was engulfed in giraffe tongue and the lettuce bit gone.

Maybe Andy and Katelyn belong here? Those crazy animals! 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!!

Happy mothers day to all of the mothers that have helped us become who we are today, especially our own mothers. For mothers day we decided to hang low and just relax today. We had a barbeque and played outside. I decided that it was hot enough to let Katelyn play in the water today. We filled up a tub with water and let her play with some of her bath toys.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Spoon Feeding

Katelyn has been learning how to use utensils lately. Last night we had mashed potatoes with dinner last night. Katelyn wanted to feed them to herself. She had a kind of successful attempt at using the spoon. She was able to scoop the potatoes with her spoon then sometimes she would get them in her mouth and then sometimes not at all.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

One Amazing Woman!

 Hello Everyone! This is Andy talking this time. I hope that I can make this as interesting and fun as Dana does. Gotta love that girl!

So this last week has been a fairly good one for Dana. Sunday afternoon Dana logged on to her Etsy page to see that she had a CUSTOM order for the Birthday wreath that she makes! The order hadn't gone through at the time because the lady wanted to make sure Dana could do it the way she wanted. But as of today it is final and Dana will be making it. Since Sunday it seems like everything has just snowballed. She got another order, which is the one pictured below that was just a similar order to the one she had already made. So we have gotten it ready and it is waiting to be shipped tomorrow morning!!! She has also received another custom order for just two colors of balloons. The first custom order is for a baby shower with pastel colored balloons. So as of now she has had 3 sales and we are so excited for her over here and can't wait to see what else the brilliant mind of Dana Gillette can design!

On to some other news. As you can see this is all about Dana (hence the reason I am writing and not her) because she has been so amazing lately and I can think of no better way than to praise my dear sweet wife for this Mothers Day. (Don't worry mom, I'm doing more than just that for her.) So for the last month to month and a half Dana has been talking about getting her ears re-pierced. So we went to the mall today to check it out and see how much it costs and all that jazz. So for an early gift we went ahead and got them pierced! She is so excited and can't wait for the 6-8 weeks to be over with she she can wear all the fun dangly ones she sees in stores.

So life in the City of Trees is pretty good this time of year. We are excited for the warm spring and summer weather. We plan to go on hikes and do as much as we can out doors. So check back from time to time to see the next great adventure the Gillette's have taken on!!!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cassia Park

Andy finally got to come with Katelyn and I to our favorite park. Katelyn could play on that play set for hours. She loves the slide and literally dives into it every time.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Power 90: 40 day progress report

I have made it through 40 days of Power 90. It has been really hard but also so rewarding! I have loved seeing the differences in my body since I have started.

So far I have lost 4.2 pounds, 3.8 inches in my waist, 3 in my hips, and 1.4% of my body fat.

Remember this picture from a month and a half ago...You can also look back at this post to see where I started.

Well this is what I look like so far. Sorry its hard to see any change with my shirt on but I'm not comfortable without it.