Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Relaxing Date

We try to have a date or two every month. Last month when we were in Rexburg we decided to go to a movie and dinner but since all of the good dinner places are in Idaho Falls (35 minutes away), we decided to go to dinner when we got back to Boise. We had decided that we were going to go to dinner at Olive Garden.

Since we weren't exactly in the place right now to spend 35 dollars on a dinner, I decided to plan an "olive garden" dinner at home. I also found a fun game to play, which had ten questions that we answered about each other and then compared our answers to see who was right. We also put on face masks (one of our favorite things!) and watched big bang theory while eating dessert. So instead of 35 dollars for just dinner we spent a total of 5 for dinner and then several activities. Not bad!

 Our dinner! It included olive garden bread sticks ( made of Rhodes rolls, butter and garlic salt), Olive garden salad, and inside out lasagna.

 Us with our face masks on, sorry for the weird smile mine was tight and cracking.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Playing in the Pool!

About 2 weeks ago, when it was incredibly hot outside, we were at target and decided to get Katelyn a little kiddy pool for her to play in. We got so excited and blew it up that evening when we got home. Well the next day the weather decided not to cooperate and rain the whole day. We have been waiting for a nice warm day so that Katelyn can play in her pool and today it was finally warm enough. She had lots of fun splashing and keeping cool in the pool, daddy even joined in.

The day we built a fort

Yesterday we decided that we were going to build a fort in the living room. We just kept building it bigger and bigger until it was a pretty awesome tent. It took 2 queen sheets, our couch and chair, side table, a tunnel, Katelyn's tent, a safety gate, some rope, a trailer flag and some ducted tape. Katelyn loved running through it. 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Rexburg Visit

We decided to go and visit Grandma and Grandpa Bohman for Memorial day weekend. Katelyn and Dana stayed for the whole week after memorial day as well. We have had lots of fun adventures while we have been here.

Andy has had lots of fun fishing on the lake and has caught quite a few. One of the fish he caught has got to be a record for the lake, Smallest fish ever, only about 5 inches long. He was a squirmy little bugger!

Katelyn went swimming for the first time in Grandpa's lake, she fed the ducks at the nature park, enjoys giving loves to the dogs and cat (although I am sure that they don't quite enjoy it as much as she does).

Dana has enjoyed taking advantage of sitting in the hot tub and grandmas willingness to watch Katelyn so that she (dana) could have some alone time. We have enjoyed visiting in the Temple, Gees dairy (yummy icecream!) and being around family.

We were able to watch Jared play baseball yesterday. He threw a great game, almost a no hitter, he only had one hit the whole game! The ending score was 9 to 0. Katelyn decided about mid game that she wanted to have a photo shoot, it was pretty cute!