Friday, February 25, 2011

February & 4 weeks to go!

Wow sorry I have let this blog lag a little bit so here is an update from the past month. We have had a wonderful month filled with school, work, lots and lots of foam hearts, chocolate, excellent doctors visits, "promotions" at work, more snow, sunshine, sewing cute little girl things, excitement, anticipation and a little bit of nervous feelings building. Here are some pictures from this month.

I made this sweet little dress on Thursday! I have been wanting to make it for a while and I finally did. I love it, I just hope that she is small enough to fit into it.

My Mom bought these cute little ballet shoes for Katelyn and believe it or not they were only 1.00 Go Mom!

We have been trying to measure my tummy every week. It has grown 2 inches since last Saturday. Crazy.

This is what I look like being 36 weeks pregnant. I feel really puffy! She has dropped quite a bit since the last time I have taken a picture.