Thursday, September 13, 2012

A much needed update

Sorry about the long delay in this post. We have made it safely to Rexburg. We are all moved in, well almost. Andy got a job back at the UPS store which has been great!

We are getting adjusted back to life in rexburg. Katelyn loves being around all of the animals and all of the space to run around. Since we have been here Andy has built a swing set for Katelyn, we have helped clean out the garage and work in the garden.

Sorry about the picture overload, but I think that they are much need and most of them are of the Cutest little girl ever!

 Modeling her new shoes

During our last week in Boise, ID we were able to go to the Western Idaho Fair. It was so much fun. We went to the butterfly booth, the petting zoo, the antique tractor display, the flying dogs show and the FFA chicken show. Katelyn loved the animals! She would walk right up the goats give them hugs and pet them.
 At the fair in the butterfly house

 Playing peek a boo in the face boards

 Look at those horns!

 An Alpaca just for Alana

 We rented a 16 foot truck from budget and it was completely full! Who know we had so much stuff!

 Katelyn and Grandpa

 First night with a big girl bed she slept on the floor. We switched it back to a crib for now.

 The Bald Eagle that hangs around our house.

 Driving the tractor with Grandpa
 The new swing set Andy put together