Thursday, May 9, 2013


It is finally starting to warm up around here! We are so glad!We have been waiting so long for it to come. The lake is starting to fill up.

I have been making summer twirly skirts for Katelyn. We had a little photo shoot this morning. Katelyn had a lot of fun with it.

Lately Katelyn has been getting better at talking. We can understand her quite a bit better. Her favorite thing to say right now is "Huh." She says it after every sentence and whenever we ask her something. I can't believe how big Katelyn is. She is getting a lot more independent. She is a lot more willing to play by herself as long as she can still see one of us.

Katelyn loves to be outside helping us with the garden and with the animals. We have 4 new ducklings and 6 new chickens. They have been a lot of fun to raise and watch grow up.
Currently I am 28 weeks, 29 weeks on Saturday. Our little baby is getting bigger and bigger. She is big mover but not much of a kicker. She likes to drag her feet across the top of my belly, which feels really weird. She has finally switched from being horizontal to being vertical and it is a lot more comfortable.