Monday, August 30, 2010

I think the picture says it all!

Yes its true. That is actually a baby and not a bunny looking blob. We found out a couple of weeks ago, the saturday before we went to California. We were going to wait until September to tell everyone but while we were with Andy's family we couldn't take it anymore and had to spill the beans. Shortly after returning home we told me family too. Last tuesday we went to our first doctors visit and he did an ultrasound. We were so excited to see our little guy. We could see his/her heart beating and was moving around like crazy (definatly our kid!) It was a very cool experience! We are offically 11 weeks in 2 days. We are SO EXCITED!! The bottom picture is the clearest of the three. On the left side you can see a big round thing, thats its head. Then on either side of its head are two skinny things, those are its arms. Then at the other end you can see one of its feet really clearly. It was hard to get a clear picture of everything because it was moving around so much! We decided that we wanted to share our news with everyone that we love!

We move to Seattle on Wednesday, yes that is in two days!! We are very excited but also very nervous. Wish us luck!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Summer Activities

This is a much needed post. We have pretty much been everywhere this summer. We have gone to bear lake twice, Pocatello a couple of times, Palisades for a weekend, California for a week and a half and now we are going to Seattle in a week. Exciting Stuff. Here are some pictures from our adventures. Enjoy.